Beer Club

Dacha Beer Club is a group of DC locals and Dacha regulars who enjoy trying and learning about new and different types of beers. Each Wednesday from March to October we present rare and significant brews from across the country from Ninkasi Brewing in Eugene, Oregon to Potters Cider in Charlottesville, Virginia, and of course we like to keep it local with partners such as DC Brau and Right Proper Brewing.

Member Benefits

  • Special raffles and prizes for beer club members.
  • Exclusive Beer Club Wednesdays: Mingle with like-minded beer lovers, meet brewery reps, taste new beers before anyone else and get fun swag to take home.

How do I become a member? Fill out the form below and you're in!

Beer Club Rules

  1. After you join, please wait 2-3 days for a manager to follow up with your membership confirmation and number. Please save this number to present to Dacha staff. Forgot your number? No problem we can look it up by your last name.
  2. Identify yourself as a Beer Club member before you order so our staff can tell you any specials or new items available that day and register your tab correctly.
  3. Only drinks you drink can be applied towards your beer club membership. Please do not share checks as we cannot count your beers accurately nor award you points for your friend’s beers.
  4. You have to drink each beer to get credit, not just pay for it. You will only be cheating yourself!
  5. If our staff forgot to put a beer on your tab that you drank and want credit for, please ask them to add it to the tab. We all make mistakes!
  6. On your birthday you get a birthday beer!!!
  7. Last rule – Have fun and drink responsibly!


Point System:

(1 per beer per night, i.e. if you drink 10 Vitus in one night you will only get 1pt)
• Dacha permanent line drafts = 1 pt.
• Rotating drafts = 2 pts.


  • 25 pts: A free pretzel or brat
  • 50 pts: Brewery glassware or apparel
  • 75 pts: $25 off your tab.
  • 100 pts: 1 Liter Boot (and one free fill up before you go)
  • 125 pts: Feed your friends with a Sausage Fest or Chef’s Board
  • 150pts: Dinner for 2 at Dacha ($100 value)
  • 200 pts: Party for you and your friends ($300 value)