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Dacha on 14th

About Dacha Beer Garden
on 14th Street

Four years ago Dacha Beer Garden opened at the corner of 7th and Q Streets in the Shaw neighborhood. The venue introduced a then-new local concept – an outdoor beer garden – that is now a popular community amenity serving a broad mix and age-range of patrons reflecting the diversity of the neighborhood and a cosmopolitan city.

Dacha Beer Garden proprietors Ilya Alter and Dmitri Chekaldin are planning to open a second venue – an upscale indoor/outdoor beer garden. They stand ready to invest an estimated $3 million to construct a stunning new building on a vacant lot currently used for parking. This architecturally innovative and visually sophisticated new-build property will be constructed at the center of the vibrant 14th Street hospitality destination in the Logan Circle and U Street area, replacing the now-barren southwest corner at S street.

This significant community investment will create a new neighborhood amenity and enhance the commercial streetscape on one of the few undeveloped parcels remaining in the area. Dacha Beer Garden on 14th will be the second full-service D.C. restaurant & bar built from the ground up in the past several decades of the city's history!

Voice your Support

Tell your local elected officials that you want Dacha Beer Garden on 14th St. This petition will go directly to your ANC Commissioner and your Councilman or Councilwoman.

Draft Architectural Renderings and Site Plans

After discussing concerns regarding the amount of outdoor seating with Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) commissioners, who influence the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board liquor licensing process, Dacha has materially revised the site plan to construct a much larger building at a much greater cost. The L-shaped building will function as a physical barrier on both S Street and the rear alley, reducing ambient sound. It will also beautifully transform a corner eyesore.

Dacha Beer Garden on 14th will be an upscale establishment and will feature an indoor bar and full-menu restaurant service. A morning café and garden will provide a comfortable setting for local remote-office workers and independent professionals, as well as parents with children.

New Building Design Addresses Noise Concerns

Fully two-thirds of all occupancy and seating will be inside and enclosed for year round use with an intimate interior courtyard. In response to the concerns of some neighborhood ANC’s, the proprietors have altered the plans for the outdoor garden area to be reduced. Thus, the now smaller modest-sized outdoor garden area will be similar in size to the 7th Street location. This outdoor area will be surrounded on three sides by the new building and existing adjacent building. The plans also feature a special interior activity area for children accompanied by adults and will continue the pet-friendly Dacha tradition.

The self-contained configuration of this new-construction building will mitigate sound conveyance. A nationally recognized and industry-certified sound engineering firm has been retained to assist the building architects for the purpose of ensuring comprehensive best-practice noise abatement planning and sound mitigation.

Dacha Beer Garden on 14th will not have live music, DJs, or performances – only low-volume background music that allows patrons to comfortably engage in convivial conversation. The entire site length along S Street and along the back alley will be fully encompassed by the building to provide for a complete sound barrier.

Dacha Needs Your Help to Win Licensing

to Generate Significant Tax Revenues, Create Hospitality Jobs, and Contribute a New Community Social Option

Team Dacha needs your assistance in convincing three local ANCs (Advisory Neighborhood Commissions in the Logan Circle, Dupont Circle, and U-Street areas) to support – in order for the ABC Board to approve – the liquor-licensing application for the planned new #DachaOn14th beer garden!

So far, the ANCs have only heard from a small group of residents who are opposed to virtually any new business. Five years ago, some of these objectors attempted to impose a total liquor license moratorium throughout the entire MidCity area. If they had been successful, all new venues adding to community enjoyment since 2012 would have never opened.

Now They Need to Hear from Local Residents Like You – Who Support a Dynamic City!


Social Responsibility

At Dacha Beer Garden, we value fostering community, and giving back to our neighbors, friends, local organizations and partner businesses. Throughout 2017 we have continued this commitment to community with an event fundraising platform we named Cause Tuesday. Every week, non-profit organizations have the opportunity to utilize Dacha Beer Garden as a platform to advance and fundraise for their social and charitable causes. #CauseTuesday



  • Humane Rescue Alliance
  • La Collecti-VA
  • Bundy Dog Park
  • Lean In DC Chapter
  • Cuba Skate
  • Capitol Hill Arts Workshop
  • Water Resources Action Project
  • Casa Ruby
  • HIPS
  • Whitman-Walker Health
  • JDRF
  • Raise DC
  • Project K9 Hero
  • American Cancer Society's Relay for Life

Upcoming Cause Tuesday Partners

  • PULSE DC of the American Heart Association
  • Blondes vs. Brunettes 
  • The White Helmets
  • Women in Audio
  • Shaw Main Streets
  • The Josh Anderson Foundation
  • BEST Kids (Hosting two Cause Tuesdays with Dacha Beer Garden this fall.)
  • JDRF (The organization had such a successful Cause Tuesday this spring, they decided to host another one this fall).


Day after day, Dacha Beer Garden provides a respite for mothers and fathers to have a meal and glass of their favorite beverage while enjoying the company of friends and family. We've always prided ourselves on being a location for families and children to have some fun in a welcoming and safe environment. From birthday parties, play dates, or just a little breather from the daily routine, Dacha Beer Garden is a sought after food and beverage oasis for mothers, fathers and babysitters. #DachaOn14th will keep up this much needed amenity.

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The beer garden is a home away from home for many of the canines of D.C. From dog birthday parties, meetups, basking in the sun and more, we love our #DogsofDacha. Its such a beloved destination that one of our mega-regulars Butters - a butterscotch color Labradoodle - will celebrate his 5th birthday in September at Dacha with his annual Butter's Bash. Sources tell us that the district's most glamorous and influential pups are among the invited. Who would want to miss the poised @Aspen_the_cav - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and influential lobbying heavy hitters from @DCBulldogMeetup, or most sophisticated DC Sheba Inus - @BamBam.inu and @ChaCha.inu, and of course @SebastianLovesLuna - the most glamorous DC canine power couple!

Sebastian loves Luna
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New Mural

For years, Elizabeth Taylor has graced us with her presence on the mural on the side of our 7th street building. When we expand into our new 14th street location, we plan to paint another iconic female figure onto the building. Vote below to help us decide which fabulous female we should honor!

*Note, your vote will impact the decision of WHO is on the mural. The exact image will be decided at a later date. Thank you!*

Marilyn 398
Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 4.39.27 PM
image (23)