Dear John: Dacha Beer Garden

Dacha BathroomRead about Dacha’s 5 Start rated Port-a-Potties in DCist

“This is a damn fine port-a-potty.”

We’re an outdoor Beer Garden, but our potties are highly rated among porta potties in DC! DCist reviewed our portable restrooms and rated us a +5! Here are a few things author Matt Cohen had to say:

+5 for cleanliness:  “… as far as port-a-potties go, Dacha’s are pretty solid. How good, you ask? When I visited them, there were some bros chilling outside them with beers in hand. Can you imagine anyone hanging out within ten feet of the outdoor bathrooms at Merriweather Post Pavilion? ”

+4 for excellent hand drying options: “Dacha’s hand drying options are even better than a Dyson Air Blade. Whether you use the sink in the port-a-potty or the communal sinks outside, there are an abundance of paper towels, and there’s no automatic mechanism to retrieve them … You may have to shit outside at this beer garden, but at least what follows is civilized.”

Overall score: +5.  “… I wish larger outdoor venues would take the care to give their customers a comparable outdoor experience.”